Bloglet; Potty Draining.

I’m putting it off; I know I am the poor things been potentially ready to move out of nappies into the cutest little pants with Peppa Pig on the front and I’m preventing this next stage taking place because I don’t wish to be house bound by a piss colander for two weeks.  I’ve no desire to carry round a potty in a Sainsbury’s bag or stop in lay-by’s and transfer an angry toddler onto it’s freezing rim in the rain.  I’ve done it three times before and they’re all fully continent apart from the occasional accident from the 24-year old on a particularly messy night out.  So I’m experienced but lacking in the will.  I’m wondering if this one might be an experiment in ‘leaving it’… I might literally not bother and see how long it takes before she’s removing her own nappy and clambering onto the loo.  I could write a thesis on it and become a revered leading authority in ‘potty training’ the procrastination technique…

“Ffs Mother, train me…”

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