Conversations with my seven year old.

Her: Mum when can I have a phone?

Me: I’m not sure love; maybe when you’re about 11.

Her: I knew you wouldn’t get me one.  I’ve told ‘Doobrey’* I’m getting an Apple phone.

Me:  You can have an apple but not a phone…yet.

Her: What am I going to tell ‘Doobrey’?  It’s so unfair, I knew you’d let me down, I’m going to ask Dad; he’ll let me have a phone.

Me: Go ahead ask Dad but he’ll say the same.  Also bear in mind that when I do get you a phone it’ll be a simple one that you can only call and text on.

Her: Will it have games on it? I need it to have games on it, I don’t want a babyish phone I want an I phone with the internet on it. I knew

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