A reason to ‘actually’ listen to your children.

“Of course you can join a drama class!”

Yes it’s not like you’re not dramatic enough, with a free reign and some theatrical guidance you could really ham it up. Perchance become even more tiresome and attention-seeking between 7 and 7 of a day, every day, until hell freezes over. And I am obviously more than happy to hand over 80 quid a term for the privilege. Also totally okay with sitting in a frigging freezing room, surrounded by deluded Mothers with their equally delusional offspring. Who speak in yankee-tinged stoccato spluttering  at decibels the council would sue over. They also burst into impromptu and cerebrally vexing musical numbers seemingly every four minutes. All in all a decision I might have thought a little longer about; had I not been having my ‘shave shower’ (once a week, nip the ends off) at the time of asking. In truth I thought she was talking about karma and gladly agreed it was a real thing. Which seemingly it is…as I’m here freezing my tits off 80 quid out of pocket.

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