Politics Corner…

I thought long and hard before writing this particular blog.  I am fully aware of the authority with which I am viewed within my own community and the impact my words have on those across the globe but I feel I have no choice so here it is, and ‘you’re welcome’.

There is so much unrest in the world at the moment.  So much fear surrounding a newly elected world leader; let’s call him ‘Ronald Pump’ to protect his identity.  I think the world on masse are looking at this ‘battered satsuma-faced’ man whose initial political agenda is as subtle and well-thought as a chess move where an ‘un-lubed’ Pawn is rammed hard up the Bishop’s arse and wondering what the hell is going on?  How much future-changing damage will this pea-brained narcissist be allowed to do to before higher forces decide not to let the monkey play with civilisation as we know it anymore.  After all he’s already managed to smear it in his own shit and partially digested banana so let’s cage the ‘frosty-topped’ chimp then proceed to ‘damage limitation’ mode.  Yes, the Whitehouse carpets will need a good ‘Vax’ and the presidential men’s room will have to be chemically stripped of layer upon layer of ‘Silvikrin Maximum Hold’.  But for the love of God let’s stop the madness now before an uprising of frozen ‘Melania’s’ take over; a nation of brain-washed droids programmed to do his biding. At this point I can only hope God; somebody’s, anybody’s intervenes and a plague of locusts is deployed to the Whitehouse forthwith. 


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