Poetry Corner…

I am woman hear me roar

Big of teeth, small of paw

I am woman working hard

Make a ten course dinner just from lard

You are a man hear you snore

Hear you fart and burp and ‘Pwhoar’

You are man whose wearing crocs

On your willy you’ve hung your socks

We’re so incompatible why can’t I like fanny

I love other women each emotional nook and cranny

We could be so happy just her and I

If only I could see past her minge pie

Let’s buy a piece of land and we’ll all live as one

A commune just for women banish knobs;let them be gone

We’ll drink wine and cook and chat and even braid each other’s hair

No more make-up, diet, exercise or shaving down there

Imagine a place where we all could live in peace

No more sexy outfits just jeans and a fleece

Helping each other out, complimenting, offering support

The biggest decisions being which box of chocolates should be bought

So who’s in let’s hear it; place your offerings in the tin

nibbles and wine, cheese and crisps and don’t forget the gin

Every night will be a party, but finish with an early night

Collectively clear up and tidy and clean and all that other shite

No more going it alone, feeling the weight of the load

No more listening to the ribbet of your own warty toad

Leave the man in the crocs and the willy bearing socks

Call your girlfriends, kick him out, change the locks!

Some reading this might reflect then claim I’m oh so bitter

Have their own Prince Charming who wipes round after a skitter on the shitter

Perhaps their happy in their hetero pairing, the norm; a her and a he

But she’s forgotten the simple joy of pussy camaraderie!

So there you have it my future proof plan

Creative living with just women in a clan

If you pass by our club house you’ll hear us singing; Amen!

Ignore the calls for help from the shed full of men

Oh I’m not giving it all up for they certainly have their uses

Particularly when I’m feeling dreamy cooking up the juices

For when it’s time I’ll collect a specimen and have my wicked way

Then send him back to the shed until he’s needed another day.

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