Dealing with an Idiot.

Dealing with an idiot literally saps the life-force from your body.  As painful as taking your own appendix out with a hand drill,  with only Calpol for pain. You can actually feel your aura darkening until you are bathed in blackness with just the whites of your eyes registering the intense frustration of a tongue-less dog with gravy on his nose.  As the idiot speaks their ill-thought out words bob like driftwood on a tide of  purulent diarrhoea which threatens to engulf you.  There are two distinct types of idiots; a simple person who knows no better or a nasty idiot who has no idea they are such; in fact they believe ‘we’ actually have an interest in their opinion!  It is said that to deal with an idiot you have to lower yourselves to their level in order to engage, and even then they’ll beat you with experience.  I find the only way to deal with an idiot of the very worst kind; when you literally have no choice, is to float above them.  Let their words bounce like mirrored bubbles whilst picturing Michael Fassbender opening a bottle of Moet with a quivering erection…


Coming soon; ‘Dealing with  Narcissist’…though I’m still working on this one.

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