It’s the small things…

I suppose real failure to me can only be achieved by doing nothing.  Placed on earth, housed in a temple of miracles; the human body, fully animated, driven by the heart of a lion and a computerised brain whose potential is finite and then you don’t even try?   I understand it’s hard; for all the best I’ve achieved in my life to-date  always started out as a negative seedling of impossibility yet turned into the best of outcomes.  I had to be brave though; and I’m not great at being brave. I’ve found that when stepping out of one’s comfort zone; which frankly I am averse to, being that I’m both nesh and a fan of being safe, it’s like taking the blocks of my mini-universe.  Suddenly the cogs grind back into action; the rusty old mechanics move forward whilst the engine of my evolution begins tooting clouds of happy smoke into the atmosphere.  Quickly my life takes on a ‘life’ of it’s own.  I’ll receive phone calls, get talking to someone that knows someone, find myself surrounded with like-minded individuals, have creativity drawn out of me that I never dared believe was in there.  Bravery is incredibly important; I’ll never sky-dive, pot-hole or indeed even climb a tree; I’ll never really put myself at any kind of physical risk as too much rests on me being okay.  Two small children need me; two older children also still need me, at least sometimes!  But being brave runs much deeper than a quick-fix of adrenalin to boost the ego and tick off your bucket list.  Real bravery comes from ‘putting yourself out there’; trying something new then being tenacious in ‘keeping it up’.  Or perhaps ‘giving it a go’ and finding it’s not for you, then seeking something else to provide colour, light and experience.  To nourish one’s soul.  For we are not long for this world in reality; even if you look on the bright side and afford yourself a bloody good run into your eighties; it’s still a finite time on earth of which you only get one go.  I don’t believe in ‘regret’ either; for each and every ‘mistake’ we make in life is an important lesson learned; as long as you’re prepared to ‘try’ of course, be brave and vow not to repeat it.  Every little blip along the road a vital experience; a chance to look inwards, take stock and like a Sat-Nav ‘re-route’ our next preferred destination. 


Look around you; not to compare, I’ve made the point before that we are all on our own journey and it’s a brave individual indeed who is prepared to carve their own way against popular opinion or society’s boundaries of normality.  Just look around and be inspired, for we  must lift each other up.  Offer compliments freely, smile and selflessly and with no need for reward ‘boost’ another’s ego.  Just bloody because.  Because you can; you have this amazing ability to connect with others with just the most tenuous of links; the weather, the traffic, the 2 for 1 doughnuts.  Or to voice our admiration for those struggling; having a shitty day.  Park your shyness and ask ‘her’ where she got her shoes from because they’re gorgeous and she looks like a goddess in them.  She’ll be left glowing; the tiny embers of her joy that your compliment fanned the flames of will induce a golden glow that will in turn bathe you both and you’ll each then continue about your day feeling full of hope, potential and positivity.  Doesn’t take much does it?  Which in essence is life at it’s very best.  It’s the small things; always the small things.

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