As a highly-esteemed Blogger and fully qualified Reviewer (good pass on a half-day course I devised, taught and laminated the certificate) I will henceforth be producing a series of highly informative reviews on a range of products.  

Today I am looking at Pukka Tea; part of a range of supposedly ‘healthy’ teas. In this case Turmeric Gold.


Much has been touted about the health benefits of Turmeric in relation to cancer. But few know that when crushed into a poultice with baked beans and Alpen it can apparently cure mild Aids! So handy pre-wrapped tea bags of this wonder spice can only be good news!

The handsome and stylish box is predominantly coloured yellow; the same colour as Turmeric and now also like the massive stain on Mum’s rug after I spilt some. A stain that no amount of Vanish has managed to bloody shift.  Use with care and clean your teeth after unless you’re hankering after the smile of a hobo. 

Oh and they taste shit; really shit.


If you have a product you would like me to review please put forward a submission to me and I’ll ‘bang one out’ (see under Glossary of appropriate ‘Reviewer’ Terms).

Thank you for looking…


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