My Recent Google Search List…

Where does Tom Hardy live?

What type of dog would I need to be walking to 0 attract Tom Hardy’s attention?

Where could I buy an adult-sized Labrador           costume?

Typical prison term for stalking?

Can I buy a ‘naughty step’?

What is Super Nanny’s real name?

Does Jo Frost have a Brother; is his name Jack?

In a fight between Super Nanny and 3-Day Nanny; who would win?

If they went into porn would the DVD be called ‘3 Day Super Fanny’?

What exactly is in Billy Bear luncheon meat, any actual ‘bear’?

Is it harder to wear heels when you have flat feet?

High heel orthotics for flat feet?

Exercises to build an insole?

Can comfortable shoes ever be sexy?

Isotonic sexy shoes for under 30 quid?

Build your own shoe?  Like Build a Bear but completely different?

Cheapest supermarket Gin March 2017

Cheapest supermarket Prosecco March 2017?

Which alcoholic bubbly drinks produce the least wind?

Least calories Prosecco or gin?

Mother’s Day gift ideas?

What to give the woman who has everything?

Hot Air Balloon rides, are they safe?

Hot Air Balloon death stats in Shropshire?

Can you have a Hot Air Balloon ride where it stays tethered to the ground?

Dealing with irrational fears?

Learn Mindfulness?

Does Derren Brown have male pattern baldness or does that much brain activity cause Alopecia?

Does Gail Porter still have a nice bottom?

Idiot’s guide to Mindfulness?

How to stop a toddler saying ‘idiot’?

How to stop a 7-year old teaching a toddler naughty words?

Best treatment for head lice?

Least time-consuming treatment for head lice?

Will permanent hair dye kill adult head lice?

Tricks to selling your home?

Can you spray ‘Fabreze’ on an dog safely?

Would fabrezing an animal put Tom Hardy off?

Does George Clooney still have a massive pig now he’s married to Amal?

How to remember to be mindful?

Moonpig; is it too late to get a Mother’s Day Card?

Before judging check your own bloody history!!

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