I made it…!!

So I’ve been on earth for 46 years; where the hell did that time go and what the buggery balls have I been doing?  It’s a true fact that pre-adulthood time moves at a pace you could liken to a disabled snail.  We can all recall the long, drawn out summers of our childhood.  How slowly the clock moved during double Maths and the endless drone of a parental lecture about practising the piano.  At this point in life you have forever and ever stretching out before you; a golden path of opportunities, plentiful time to ‘do over’, ‘repeat mistakes’ or change direction.  Then suddenly one day there is a change.  Like a slap round the chops with a whore’s dildo it’s over, and time is now limited.  Every minute of each day is now precious; planning, mapping and fulfilling this and that from the mundane to the exotic. It’s as though you’ve boarded a fast-moving train and life’s journey starts to blur before your eyes.  But do not stress; the alternative is a fucking long sleep from which you never wake so despite age increasing your levels of fatigue, depleting your levels of energy and steadily reducing the potential units of time in front of you it’s still preferable to death!

So here I am.  Battle scarred though triumphant.  Battle weary though victorious.  And looking forward to battling through the next 46 with my weapons of choice; coffee, alcohol and expletives!

Thank you to all those who have joined me on my journey; from my Mum, children, family and amazing friends to those who are no longer in my life; separated either by choice or death, you’ve still played a vital and role and been loved though now lost.

I shall raise a glass this evening over a steak supper made by my true soul mate; my Mum.  A women I owe a great debt of gratitude and I’ll recall everything I am grateful for to-date and send my wish-list for my future out into the cosmos…

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