A letter from me; to me.

Dear Me,

Though you must allow your life to unfold in it’s own time you must never stop seeking, learning and evolving. Be patient; learn to sit with what is, and find comfort in right now.  Be aware yet accepting. Live your life ‘light of heart’.  View difficulty as a challenge and overcome obstacles with a smile.  Try to accept limitations but whilst doing so, keep trying.  ‘Move’; be physical everyday.  Smile at strangers and feel the warmth of their reaction.  Sit up straight; remember your posture. Bring attention to your breath.  Breathe deeply.  Be grateful.  If you must be nostalgic limit it, for a melancholy mind breeds negativity.  Syphon off the beautiful memories safe in the knowledge that the future is bursting with new ones. Sit comfortably in the present yet feel the buzz of tomorrow and what could be. 

Raise your chin and scan the horizon daily. Take in nature; revel in the majesty of its magical side show.  View the seasons bursting with colour, alternating light and temperature.   Watch the sun rise and set for there is no more beautiful sight.  Sleep; lots of sleep, wonderful early nights and even better early mornings.  Drink hot water; add Lemon in the mornings for it will cleanse you from the inside out.  Be kind to yourself; look at your body and see what it does for you and be thankful.  Feed it well; a little of everything you like, no denial just observe balance and make sure it’s given a ‘rainbow’.  Never ever consume empty calories unless it’s alcohol and it’s combined with friends and laughter for then it is as good for the soul as ‘chicken soup! 

Listen more than you speak.  Be childlike with your children; teach them to love being outdoors, how to eat healthily and be physical. Let them know  how much you love them and are proud of them everyday.  

Spend as much time as you can with your parents.  Get to know them adult-to-adult.  Have fun with them, include them, show them how much they mean to you.  Send out love into the universe for those that have passed.  Find time each day to be quiet and still, for there is wisdom that filters down in those precious moments.

Be open to the ‘new’.  Step outside of your comfort zone, feel the breeze on your face and the whispers on the wind.  Live well + Love fully = A Happy Life.

Love From, Me. 

Ps, you’re doing okay xxx


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