I love Easter.  So bloody pleased it came along to knock me off course.   To wade in through my Avocado and Asparagus healthy lunches and take up residence like a giant brown lump of Nirvana.  I’m obviously well chuffed that my fragile ability to control my eating has now been obliterated as quickly as the swift head butt I gave to the first Cadburys orb of ecstasy.  Thanks Jesus for ‘givething’ and ‘takething’ away my carefully manufactured world of health, fitness and vitality.  Brilliant timing.  I had literally just found the formula for eating well, exercising till I felt near to death 4 times a week and had perfected a smug ‘I’m quite fit’ facial expression which I was secure enough to cast in the direction of anyone eating crisps.  Cheers son of God for creating a day designed to ruin my life…Amen.

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