It hits you like a wave, smothering sensibility, filling you, like the surf; fizzing and tingling, glorious pictures in HD, stereo sound, filling mind and body with mind-blowing, evocative images of yester-year, beautiful days-gone-by with those no longer here, at least, not in the way they were, you’re no longer that person, senses pricked, emotions heightened, you must swallow down the memory and look on.
New days are here; comparatively better perhaps, yet rose-coloured glass, reflects perfection from the past, don’t try and hide from it, for it’s insidious in it’s approach, and the soundtrack to your life is playing, each track, taking you back, or a sight or a smell, a small snippet of news, nostalgia is here to incite and confuse, but those days are gone and no matter what is left, you must look on.

Don’t look back, just look on.

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